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1966 Oval port head; notice tapped bosses for spark plug shields. The top head is the 'lower horsepower' version (300hp and under) used on 67-68 327 applications with 1.94 intake and 1.50 exhaust while the bottom head is the performance version (325hp and higher) used on 67-68 327 applications with 2.02 intake and 1.74 exhaust.

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IF the heads will feed a 454 to nearly 5000 rpm (already known) THEN they will feed a 396 to approximately 5700 rpm using a simple ratio calculation. I personally feel the smaller runner cross section will provide a buncha much-needed torque in the 'small' BBC, 396/402.'

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73- #s match Corvette, Chevelle, Laguna , Monte Carlo -454 bored to 472 2 bolt main cast crank, stock rods, forged pistons, RV camshaft under 500 lift cast # 14092360 heads, oval port closed chamber. Stock intake so it fit under the hood of 74 chev truck.

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Raina MacIntyre. Head of the Biosecurity Research Program at the Kirby Institute, UNSW Medicine.

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The more I read about these Chevy 14092360 heads the more they don't sound that bad and pretty good for what I am looking for. There power ban is in the right area. They should provide the horsepower I am looking for easily. So I will see and if they suck as bad as all the hot rod folks say they do their time will be short.

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BBC. (usually preceded by "the") Initialism of British Broadcasting Corporation. Synonyms: Auntie, Auntie Beeb (nickname), the Beeb (nickname). This programme was made by the BBC. Initialism of Blades Business Crew: a football hooligan firm linked to Sheffield United F.C. BBC English. BBCesque.

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Oct 10, 2013 · Putting on Brodix Race Rite Oval port heads on my BBC and dont need the cast heads but dont know what if there is any real value to them. They are 781 castings and have 2.19 and 1.88 valves, springs for hyd roller cam, guide plates and some porting done to them.

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454 heads All kinds of car parts at AmericanListed.com classifieds - buy and sell new and used car parts. Local auto classifieds across USA. Find a wide variety of car parts - mufflers, transmissions, shocks, drive-shafts and more page 2

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Australia Network. BBC Learning English. Benjamin engVid.

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