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Nov 29, 2020 · Ciro Mazzoni created THE STEALTH LOOP for people who have no space to install their antennas or have issues with their neighbours over large antennas on their property. You can have the great advantage of the magnetic loop in a very small space. Virtual dj 7 pro free download mac
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The Stealth Loop by Ciro Mazzoni was designed to provide an effective antenna to users with limited space. One goal was to build an antenna which is not instantly recognizable as an antenna. The Stealth Loop covers a frequency range from 6.6 to 29.8 MHz (45 to 10m), the maximum power is 125 W CW.

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Ciro Santilli ... The Loop: Adding review guidance to the help center ... If stealth aircraft are invisible to radar, then how does their own Air Force manage them or ...

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10-80 Meter magnetic Alpha Loop Antenna 10-40 Meters, 100 Watts PEP SSB 40-80 Meters, 20 Watts PEP SSB

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Review Summary For : Ciro Mazzoni Midi loop; Reviews: 3 MSRP: 1149.95; Description: Midsize loop antenna, ideal for 80m up to 20m with continuous covering, manufactured on a stable aluminium reed with a diameter of 75mm (ca. 3 inch). Loop diameter is 2m (ca. 78 inch), can be mounted without radials, like all loop-antennas. Product is in production

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Mar 28, 2019 · Ciro-Mazzoni Stealth Antenna Review receive data, and ground are actually necessary and normally used. With all the settings stored, the loop can now be used. Using the stealth antenna I have successfully used the FRS-232 Auto and Semi-Auto modes with my Flex 6400M, Icom IC-7700, Elecraft KX3 and Juma TRX2 transceivers, as well as the EL AD FDM-DUO

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LOOP Antenna by I3VHF. 1.1K likes. Loop Antenna by I3VHF - BABY Loop - MIDI Loop MHz - the STEALTH Loop - HF antenne - antenne loop - magnetic loop - loop magnetiche - ciro mazzoni - loop - antenne...

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Presentación de la Stealth Loop Antenna de Ciro Mazzoni No cabe duda en la fiabilidad y calidad que Ciro Mazzoni nos ha estado presentando últimamente, pero siempre se puede rizar más el rizo. Desde la Feria HAM Rádio de Friedrichshafen 2018 nos presentan la...

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