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While a factor, recoil is pretty reasonable with the milder loads in even light rifles, as well as mid-level loads in a typical lever action. At short range, 45 – 70 out-stops 6mm Lee and 30-40 Krag, the two calibers that replaced it in Navy and Army use, by a significant margin. Ar stoner 9mm barrel
My favorite load of all in the .44 mag is the following: The RCBS 250K, a Federal 155 primer, and HS-6 powder. From the Hodgon's #26: Start load @ 10.0 gr. and max @ 12.0 gr. Later manuals list heavier charges of this powder.

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We have data for the 250 gr Full Wadcutter 44 bullet from Matt's Bullets - 8.5 grains of Unique in 44 Magnum cases gives us a clean shooting accurate load. H...

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Handgun is a common weapon in shooting ranges but revolver gives you more sophisticated 'gun firing experience. Powerful 44 caliber gun will require strength, reflex, precision and shooting skills from gunner. Handgun Magnum .44 is a most powerful pistol made, before action it’s best to practice on shooting range with targets.

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Jun 20, 2016 · Like said above, 4227 is more of a full power powder than a mid-range powder. It's also a forgotten powder too and I don't know why since it works very well in the .44 Magnum. BUT, there is load data for both IMR and H4227 in the new Lyman 4th Edition Cast Bullet Handbook using a 240gr cast bullet.

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Long-range shooting at groundhogs and the like saw the .243 loaded with varmint-type bullets and able to buck the wind somewhat better than the fast-stepping .22- calibres. Whitetail deer shooters also took a liking to this calibre and using 100-grain loads accounted for thousands of deer.

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lower-priced mid-range performer in the “classic” .44 Magnum bullet weight, and Black Hills followed with its 240-grain JHPs to up the ante. Both surprised me with what they printed, and so did the Winchester 250-grain Platinum Tip HPs that put us up into a higher-performance bullet bracket. All three held under 2 inches,

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Therefore, the main advantages of this magnum gun are the low recoil, alloy frame that offers durability, and rubber grips for comfort. Due to its small size, this could be an option if you’re looking for the best revolver for concealed carry. However, the high cost is the downside. 9. Charter Arms Mag Pug Manufacturer

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Whether at the rifle range with my brother and his 50 plus year old Southgate Mauser .257 Weatherby Magnum or my not so old USA made Accumark .257 Weatherby Magnum, the quality from the very beginning to today, is very admirable of the dream Mr. Roy Weatherby had in mind when developing high velocity rifle cartridges.

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Best .44 Magnum Ammo 1. Black Hills 240gr I have hunted many a whitetail with the .44 Magnum and put down many a feral hog as well. After long experience, I can comfortably say that Black Hills' 240gr round is probably the premiere slayer of mid-sized game in this caliber. Black Hills 240gr .44 Magnum $50 at Lucky Gunner

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range of cartridges from the .32 S&W Long to the .45 ACP wadcutter loadings. Clean burning, consistent and easy to load, N310 is the top choice for the competitive Bullseye pistol shooter. N320 A fast-burning powder for use in light to mid-range target loads, in cartridges ranging from the 9 mm and .38 Special, up to the .44 Special and 45 ACP.

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The KN-44 takes exception from other Assault Rifles with the Long Barrel and Suppressor attachments. Long Barrel will grant the KN-44 only 13% longer range values, and the Suppressor's range reduction on the KN-44 is only 30%. This makes the Suppressor an overall stronger attachment on the KN-44, having lesser penalty and giving stealth bonuses.

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